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Eco Intiatives

Eco Initiatives

Steps to Limit our Eco Footprint

Chitwa Chitwa is proud to be a benchmark green-eco lodge in the Sabi Sand. We have implemented the following green initiatives over the last few years and are committed to running a sustainable lodge and ensuring your stay at the lodge has as small an impact as possible on our environment.

  • Lighting: The use of led and compact fluorescent lighting technology in 75% of the lodge. Chitwa House is completely free of incandescent lights.
  • Water Heating: Chitwa’s villas are retrofitted with solar water heating systems using evacuated tube solar collectors. “Geyserwise” intelligent electronic devices improve the efficiency of our solar heaters. All exposed piping is insulated for maximum heat retention.
  • Pool Pumps: We have replaced all our pool pumps with “VF Intelliflow” variable speed pumps reducing the power consumption by 90%.
  • Grey Water Recycling: A grey water recycling system is installed in our laundry, which together with our eco-friendly washing machines, enables us to reuse all laundry water for garden irrigation.
  • Waste & Refuse Removal: All our waste is removed from the property weekly and taken to an approved waste management site so no waste is buried or burned on site.
  • Air Conditioning: All our air conditioners have been fitted with “airco saver” energy savers, which reduces the energy consumed by our air conditioners by between 20-35%.
  • Detergents & Cleaning Agents: The cleaning materials we use are all ecologically approved and all washing powders are phosphate-free.
  • Natural Thatch Roofs: The use of natural highveld grass on our roofs acts as an insulation to reduce heat in summer and heat loss in winter, which necessitates less use of air-conditioning.
Chitwa Chitwa Game Lodge received a Best Value Award for Kruger National Park Accommodation.

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