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The Chitwa Trust

We are invested in not just showing our guests the best African experience possible, but also in giving back to the communities around us.

The Chitwa Trust was founded in 2008 with the purpose of meeting two of South Africa’s greatest challenges: unemployment and lack of education. The Trust is a registered non-profit organization that provides aid to underdeveloped areas of Mpumalanga in a way that involves both conservation and community upliftment.

Should you wish to become a part of Chitwa Chitwa’s community initiatives, please email us at

The following is a brief summary of what is on the Chitwa trust agenda:

  • Small and concrete projects identified with the community to strengthen and support the Wisani Educare centre at Dixie.  These include:
    • School shoe and uniform project for kids leaving the Educare centre to go to primary school
    • Stationery project for children of school-going age
    • Continued support of ingredients for meals for the children at the centre
    • Annual graduation and Christmas party for children at Wisani
    • Winter clothes project
    • Cot and bed project for babies and toddlers
    • Educational toys and other material
    • Ongoing teacher training and support
  • Providing continued support with infrastructure development such as possible new classrooms
  • Upgrading of existing infrastructure such improving the kitchen where meals can be prepared for the children daily and the toilet facilities for the children
  • Working with the school governing body to develop self-sustainability and ownership of the Educare centre in the form of training on proposal writing, assistance with additional fundraising etc.
  • Support of activities initiated by Wisani staff and community members such as:
    • gardening project
    • recycling project for income generation
    • Computer training for school going children in afternoons and weekends
    • Annual vaccination campaigns by Department of Health for children under 5 years
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